Animation Days

A favorite cartoon character often holds a very special place in a child’s heart


What better way to bring those beloved characters to life than to bring pediatric patients face-to-face with the people who create them!

In our Animation Day program, LOLLIPOP teams up with Nickelodeon Animation Studio, DreamWorks Animation, and Blue Sky Studios to bring patients together with the artists from their favorite animated TV shows and movies.

It’s an exciting day for the children as they meet with the artists and learn how their favorite characters are created.

The artists show the children how to draw these memorable characters and the children take home a special keepsake drawing made just for them.

LOLLIPOP’s Animation Day has brought many smiles and much excitement to our hospitalized pediatric patients! A young boy who hadn’t been very talkative or interactive, was so excited about his Kung Fu Panda drawings that he sat up in bed to show them to me along with the drawings he created himself. His mother was extremely grateful to see her son happy and acting with a sense of normalcy. Thank you for providing this wonderful opportunity for our patients here at Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center.”

Misti Lindquist
CCLS Child Life Specialist
Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center

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