Partner with LOLLIPOP and help us keep working for a worthy cause

LOLLIPOP collaborates with companies to build customized partnerships that provide them with employee engagement and sponsorship opportunities that support our uplifting programs for children confined to hospitals due to chronic or life-threatening illnesses. Find out what sponsorship opportunities are available for your company!


Do you want to bring joy to children who are unable to leave hospitals due to their illnesses? Is there a children’s hospital that is near and dear to your heart?

You can help bring the magic of LOLLIPOP’s movie screening and music programs to pediatric patients by sponsoring one or several hospitals in your area!

Your name or company will be featured as a sponsor on flyers posted in the hospital and on tickets distributed to pediatric patients and their families. We’ll also thank your company on our social media channels and website.


LOLLIPOP can engage your company’s employees in a variety of volunteer opportunities that connect them with the pediatric patients and families that we serve, while strengthening morale and camaraderie in the workplace.

Your employees can volunteer at our movie screenings and Rhythm of Hope® music program sessions so they can experience the magic you’re helping to create firsthand, or can participate in arts and crafts activities with pediatric patients to help brighten up their time in the hospital.

Gift Programs

Do you have a matching gift program at your company? This allows employees who have made or plan to make a donation to LOLLIPOP have their gift go further by requesting that their company match their donation.

If you do have a Matching Gift Program at your company, suggest adding LOLLIPOP to the roster of supported organizations.

Special Event

LOLLIPOP holds fundraising and awareness-building events that are attended by celebrities and other supporters of our organization.

Our special events have included A Night Under the Stars, which was hosted by LOLLIPOP supporter Anne Hathaway and featured an outdoor movie screening, as well as pre-movie activities for mobile pediatric patients, their families, celebrities and other supporters.

Special events sponsors will receive recognition of their generosity through press announcements, social media promotion and event invitations.

Interested in partnering with us or need more information?

Contact us at (310) 235-2772 or info@lollipoptheater.org

I have been working with Lollipop Theater Network for the last few years and it has been an amazing experience. Both myself and IT’SUGAR are proud of our relationship with LOLLIPOP and with our charitable giving. LOLLIPOP’s continuous generosity to these kids is truly astounding – seeing the difference in their faces before and after, whether it’s in a group setting or a private bed-side screening, makes the volunteering more than worth it. I urge everyone to participate, even if it’s just once! It will change your life for the better, just as LOLLIPOP is doing with these children. Absolute magic!”

Austin Zimmer
NYC Area Manager

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