Movie Screenings

LOLLIPOP works in collaboration with leading Motion Picture Studios to bring current film releases into pediatric hospitals for group and bedside screenings


To bring these special children a feeling of having their own “premiere,” LOLLIPOP rolls out the red carpet, hands out movie tickets, offers refreshments, distributes studio promotional items, and features guest appearances by the stars of the films, whenever possible.

“This movie got my daughter into a chair and she sat up the whole time and watched. After that she continued to improve. Just getting up and watching that movie helped in so many ways—physically, medically and emotionally! It was great for my husband and me to see her smiling and laughing again.”

Amy Persaud

“Whenever I see the red carpet outside the Teen Lounge, I know that LOLLIPOP brought us a new movie. I’m in here for a surgery to straighten my spine so I can learn to walk. LOLLIPOP’s efforts give me, and other kids like me, another reason to get out of bed and get moving.

So far, I’ve seen  Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium and Fred Clause. Those were two days I was happy to get out of bed and move around. Not to mention posters, dolls, and a picture of myself with Zach Mills. LOLLIPOP pulls out all the stops.”

19 years old

“It is always an exciting day when LOLLIPOP visits our hospital. LOLLIPOP’s unique programming approach of bringing the arts to the hospital environment, allows patients and families to integrate a normalizing and positive experience into their treatment plan.

Many patients often say ‘my other life is on hold when I’m in the hospital’ or ‘I’m always missing out on things my friends get to do.’ LOLLIPOP breaks the barriers and allows the ‘hospital world’ to be part of the whole. Many thanks for this wonderful program.”

Rosy Evans
Former Child Life Specialist
Mount Sinai Kravis Children’s Hospital

I’d like to thank you for bringing me and the patients the wonderful movie…it let us forget we are stuck in the hospital. Thank you, LOLLIPOP!

15 years old

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