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Bringing the magic of entertainment to the kids who need it most

LOLLIPOP brings the fun, excitement, and momentary escape of the movies to children who are confined to hospitals due to chronic or life-threatening illnesses – but our mission doesn’t stop with just movies!

Our in-hospital programming includes Television and Film screenings, our Rhythm of Hope® music sessions, collaborations with leading Animation Studios, movie-themed arts and crafts activities, special celebrity visits, and more.

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LOLLIPOP works in collaboration with leading Motion Picture Studios to bring current film releases into pediatric hospitals for group and bedside screenings

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In LOLLIPOP’s Rhythm of Hope® program, pediatric patients get to take a break from battling their illness by immersing themselves in the music-making process

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In collaboration with Nickelodeon Animation Studio, DreamWorks Animation, and Blue Sky Studios, LOLLIPOP brings the artists from pediatric patients’ favorite animated TV shows and movies straight to them

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